Report from the Chaos ;-)

Hey everybody,

I am still caught in moving’s chaos – guess everybody who’s ever “enjoyed” the semi-nomadic lifestyle can emphasize – and the whole gender issue I have to deal with right now doesn’t quit help. What is funny though is that I have a very good and dear friend who enjoys the same gender issue however from the opposite perspective: F. is a loving housewife and mother out of own choice (if I’m ever going to be even half as good a mother as her I’d be overjoyed!) and now she does want to restart working yet prefers to do so only part time, perhaps even from home. And guess what: Just as I am given all kind of shit for wanting to have a career of my own and actively choosing not to be a housewife she’s given pretty much the same amount 0f most likely well-meant advice for taking the opposite decision with people telling her that she needs to have a “life or her own” “career of her own”, how she’s going to regret her choice once the children are grown up and whatever else. Is there any way a 21st century female human being can get around the whole gender bullshit? Is there any way people aren’t going to go after us for what they think our lifes should be like?

Anyway F. and me and – of course – my common-law-husband are taking it with quite a lot of fun lately. To everybody who “enjoys” the same issues then I do try this: Just publicly switch roles with your partner – she takes apart the old cupboard while he takes care of the laundry etc. – and have a great laugh about the funny faces old fashioned people stuck in 19th century partnership role models will make about it. It’s worth a try (and besides your partner can prove how pro-shared duties (s)he is 😉 )

And I’d be overjoyed to share stories ^^

so far




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