Another Brick in the Wall

Shabbat Shalom everybody,

I just keep on loving Spirit of Entebbe’s (unfortunately German written) blog. And sometimes the critics are even better then the whole rest of it. Guys: So many tears have been shed about the Conflict. Did they change a thing for the better? Did they do anything but produce hate and yet another radical settler / “martyr” terrorist? Not only due to the Pagan 101 – i.e. “everybody you do will be mirrored back at you [trice]” – I learnt during adolescence, but also due to my modest life experience I can assure you that bad (like tears) has seldom been the seed of good. It’s just like genetics: Blond parents will likely have blond children. There are mutations, sure, but if you wanted to breed a purple orchid would you crossbreed yellow parents?

So that’s why I love laughing about the Conflict though it’s true that it’s tragic and perhaps, from a moral point of view, crying would be more appropriate. Only that it won’t help. And perhaps, if we just keep laughing about it there will come a point at which radicals on both sides will feel so ridiculous that they’ll stop their bullshit. Don’t all those pedagogics always teach you that the worst punishment is withdrawal of attention!? Okay, I admit this is wish full thinking but again I think wishful thinking is more likely to bring about change for the better then hovering over worst case scenarios. But then I think people not getting tired of worst case scenarios just need some attention of their own.

However, I did intend to give some attention to Spirit of Entebbe or, better to say, its readers. Claudio recently wrote a post regarding the security fence aka. “Apartheid Wall” between Israel and the PA:

The security fence between Israel and, depending on version, the west bank, Judea & Samaria or also the Palestinian Authority, is, as the decline of attacks to zero proves, perfectly capable of preventing terrorism, but not of being adorned by graffiti. Fortunately in urban areas and within gunfire reach of highways there are parts made of concrete that delight every critic of Israel. […]

[…] the artistic campaign, about which  SPIEGEL online reported, and garnished with pictures of the “Apartheid fence” has inspired Spirit of Entebbe to a very similar campaign. Whilst opponents of the wall protest via text message, the friends of this blog are called to give their fancy full scope in order to voice the “yes” to the right to exist of this security installment in a creative way. […]

The readers were subsequently asked to suggest slogans that should be sprayed on the wall. And so of course Claudio Casula’s faithful readership did. Here come some highlights I’d love to share. Not quite PC but who gives a damn?

Peter suggested:

“This is a security installment. If you want to protest against an Apartheid wall, you have to go to the Moroccan occupied West Sahara.”

Eisaluf, quotes Ephraim Kishon (have I mentioned I love that guy?):

“Sorry, we have won.”

I especially love caledooper’s:

“Another brick in the wall” and right next to it the updated list of the – hopefully not happening anymore – recent attacks.

Stephan’s are funny too:

“Receipe against suicide attacks: 285 kg concrete, 200 l water as well as 1900 kg additions at mix ratio 1:0,6:7. This equals one cubic meter of clean protection.”

[In Berlin slang] “If I was from Berlin you would long be to Siberia before you come near me, let alone getting your spraying can out.”

Or take Frau Antje:

“Welcome to Israel, martyrs! The Israeli government wants to inform You of a mistake in Your recent job description. There is only one 72-years-old virgin waiting in paradise. Have a nice day and drive carefully!”

Malte S. Sembten – last but not least – suggests:

[in Arabic] With every “martyr” attack this wall prevents 72 virgins leave the Muslim paradise, jump into tiny bikinis and luxuriate at the beach in the Tel Aviv sun.

Got un-PC and creative? Just visit Claudio Casula’s and add your own one. I would love to read some more. (Man I can really picture the “wall” adorned with all those slogans. And the “pro-Palis” making all that huge mess about it.)

have great and cheerful day




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