Hey folks,

So tell me your most favorite “apartheid” regime. The one state that is still treating its citizens and residents according to their skin color. Israel, naturally, but, oups, Ramallah, we’ve got a problem here: It’s just all so tough to distinguish your poor discriminated Muslim Palestinian from your evil oppressive, conspiring Jewish Israeli. For one reason or another they just look so similar you could mistake them for each other and accidentally pity the Jew instead of the Muslim.

However there are states that lack this problem. States where a single look from the far distance is sufficient to decide who’s good, poor and oppressed from who’s evil, rich and oppressing. What a good luck god gave people different skin color! (Just why didn’t he do it in Israel / Palestine?) How else could your random binary thinking neighbor possibly be made to tell one from the other?

The state I’m talking about is the homeland of the concept so eagerly adapted by evil, oppressing Israel. It’s the state that used to be the only economically stable place in all Africa until … well … until the oppressed took over from the oppressing thereby somehow forgetting to ask the oppressors how the heck a state as big as that is run. And then that nation I’m talking about shares one more affinity with evil oppressive Israel: Their affection towards corrupt rapist head of states of the kind any sane person would put straight into jail (and no, certainly not to Robben Island!). As far as Mr. Zuma is considered there however is even one more demerit to add to the record (don’t tell Mr. Katzav, he might go into depression for knowing that there are more messed up heads then his governing nations): His highly visible lack of competence. Or could you picture any official of a state facing 21,5 % HIV infections among its citizens declaring – during his lawsuit for rape – he wasn’t afraid of an HIV infection for, of course, he took a hot shower after intercourse!?

Apartheid officially came to an end in 1990 yet in daily life it is still as existent as in 1980. They might use the same supermarket these days but there are black pubs and white pubs, there are black schools and white schools, there are black sports (soccer) and white sports (rugby) and of course there is a black party (well, two in he meantime) and a white party (two them are enough anyway, isn’t it?). You can comfortably life in South Africa as a white person without any danger of having to face a black person in any of your communities. But of course African society did improve. These days racial boundaries can be crossed. When a black person climbs up the career ladder to where only white people used to be, for instance, he or she will be considered a white person. A traitor and collaborator as far as black people are considered.

South Africa is the one place where white people can learn what it is like to be discriminated because of skin color. What it is like to be looked down at because of something you had nothing to do with. Apartheid did happen (and actually there are plenty of black South Africans openly saying they’d rather have Apartheid back then living with the current situation) yet whatever happened isn’t the fault of today’s generation. Gosh those are people whos families have lived in South Africa for generations. Being South African is their identity as being American is for any American, but right now a lot of white South Africans are getting the hell out of the only homeland they’ve ever known for they are afraid. They are afraid of xenophobics against whites, of what could be done to them simply because their skin is white, not black. And they are facing grave discrimination; Do you really think a white could possibly ever get a job a black applied for?

It’s just so simple to blame the evil oppressing white people of South Africa for what they have done to the poor oppressed black people of South Africa. Just as it is simple to blame Israelis for what they have done to Palestinians. But have you ever tried to walk in the other party’s shoes? Have you ever imagined growing up as a white South African? Have you imagined living the life of an Israeli? Yet sure with binary thinking there is no imagination for a thing like that.





  1. How about Apartheid of a new or better renewed kind: the income makes the rank!?

    Either you have the money to give your children the private and expensive education they need these days or you give them the education of the state and have to watch them go down, don’t you?


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