A note on Israeli “Settlement expansion”

Shalom everybody,

as it is a repeating topic in the media these days – since US President Obama started his obligatory piece of Middle East Peace Rally – I felt like adding a paragraph about the “expansion” of Israeli “Settlements” in the Western Jordan territories:

“Expanding” of settlements does not mean building a new settlement! Neither does it mean transfering even more (Jewish) peopleto already existing settlements in the West bank. The only thing it means, in fact, is building new housesfor people already living there. Children born to “settlers”, who have meanwhile grown up and set up families on their own, so apparently need a home on their own to host it.

Actually this is a big problems within the settlements: The Israeli government, for whom settlement politics are an issue they can only fail with, avoids “expanding” any settlements because of the international and national hullabaloo it causes due to press attendance. However settlers have always been a rather fertile species– in fact they are upon the little areas of Israel where there is a positive birth : death – ratio – and their numerous offspring has meanwhile reached the age to set up own families. Yet the impossibility to build new houses makes it pretty tough for many young “settler” families. They are forced to choose between either leaving behind their home and the support of their extended families there to go to some place in “Israel proper” where they won’t be able to afford a house anyhow, or stay in their village where they’ll have to make do with some tiny hutor staying with their families in their tiny huts. Other then the impression implicated in the media settlers don’t quite live in luxurious estates. Most of them are happy with very little, as they tend to be very passionate about living in their settlementsand in their, often irregular, ways, however there’s a limit to all passion.

So if PM Netanyahu “expands” some settlements again you can be sure as hell he just had to cause else he would have been slaughtered by a mob of raging “settlers” sick of living in overcrowded houses hosting three generations. And you can be sure as hell he’s not going to provide one more square meter of roofed space then absolutely necessary to keep that mob from ending his existence (at least the political one).

Well, actually if I think about it that way, I wouldn’t object of him undercutting that limit all too much …




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  1. Hey Sweets,

    well first I never thought or heard that those houses were described as mansions. I always had the picture of simple houses in my mind, nothing fancy, just *normal* houses. But one thing is true, the term ‘expansion’ is always used in a manner that lets one assume that new houses for NEW settlers are build and not new houses for already established families in need of more space.
    BUT what I do not quite overcome is why do those two people have to live apart from each other on so many places? Like ghettos for Is an Ps. THAT’s just strange and bewildering…
    But hey, why am I talking *big* those ghettos you can find in our peacefull Austria too. Not only frontiers between the classes but also between migrants and nonmigrants and people with a migrant background…. O gosh sometimes being political correct or the try to be so, is just exhausting and all in all, sometimes I just HATE thinking in nationalities at all! Or in colours!
    HELL! We are ONE people! We are HUMAN! We are EARTHLINGS 😀

    Don’t worry, sweets, just a bit melancholic and *dark* at the moment!

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