When Swines catch the Flu

Hello everybody,

it’s true I’ve been silent again for quite a while but I have to turn down those of you that hoped I’d finally have stopped brabbling nonsense here. In fact there were even those rare people commenting on the late lack of that nonsense pushing me back to writing.

Certainly what happened here was far from lil’ Migdalit getting caught in the all-famous summer hole. A lot has been going on in my mind these days – a lot of logs to write I somehow never got my ass on the chair to put down – whilst I’ve been going through moving again (yes, I just did that six months ago and I’ll do it again some time soon. After a while being a semi-nomad really sucks) and tried to settle down in north-eastern Germany. A lot to report on has happened, too, with new impressions as regards Eastern Germany keeping striking me.

However let’s just get it started with a topic that’s not quite that hot news anymore: Swine Flu. Is it only me who really got a deja vue on that one? Hasn’t it been a mere four years since everybody got nuts because of Bird Flu, which in fact never mutated to the point of actually being able to be transmitted from human to human, but nonetheless still caused a panic and a certain pharma company‘s certificates skyrocketing. Sure, birds literally falling off the sky wasn’t quite what you’d want to see taking a walk with your family however that wasn’t what it was all about. As far as the media was concerned it did quite a good job of filling said summer hole. A better one, likely, then those fallen swanswould possibly have. And I guess it occupied quite a lot of people roaming lake sides for birds potentially killed by Bird Flu. What happened in the end was the typical end of most wag-the-dog-stories: Eventually media moved on to some other battlefield of mankind, reporting on a more bloodthirsty story – Israel’s “Holocaust in Gaza (TM)” is always a good one for that – and Oseltamivir, better known as wonderdrug Tamiflu returned to being merely a pretty good flu drug.

So now it’s pigs instead of birds. And no, it’s not about pigs found dead on their lovely stable’s iron floors instead of in the slaughterhouse (though it would have possibly done quite a job for public health) but actually about humans … well … getting sick.

I think it was sometime in May when I started a bet on who’d see the first Caucasian wearing one of those surgeon’s masks running around Germany. It didn’t take long for one to be spotted. People really did get nuts. The Brits actually still do. So you would assume Swine Flu was so special because it was actually more dangerous then normal flu, right? Let’s say as dangerous as Spanish Flu or so. When they started talking about a “worldwide pandemic” you’d think this time it’d be people falling off the air.

Well, guess again! If you’d had a look on those that have died from Swine Flu you might have possibly guessed already: Swine Flu is one of the mildest forms of influenza that has been around in years. Death rates of “normal” flu are considerably higher then those of Swine Flu. Symptoms hardly outrun that of a regular coldeither. In fact if you don’t happen to be already chronically ill and in a really bad state of health you might catch Swine Flu without ever noticing it being more then that cold you sometimes get from malls not being able to sanely operate their air conditioning system. Only if you told your doctor – especially during those first months – you might have ended up in quarantine, just like those poor British students in China.

So the big deal about it? Apart from history repeating and media using last year’s articles just exchanging H5N1 aka. Bird Flu with H1N1 aka. Swine Flu. If you found one please tell me. And if you found some reason to go nuts please do so too so I finally get that excuse for hiding indoors and doing some more blogging 😉

Until then with a warm regard from not-so-warm Germany




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