A little Story about a Christian and a Pagan

Hello and Shabbat Shalom out there,

in General the relationship between Pagans and Christians is believed to be one dominated by tension. Often enough it indeed is. However lately a story happened to me that prove just the opposite. One of the small, seemingly unimportant stories of life, I want to share with you for, I think, it’s those small stories, not the big ones, that really are life. Just as John Lennon said:

Life is what is going on while you are busy making plans!

There is a email support group I joined some years ago, during a difficult time of my life. After the troubles went over I decided to stay for one reason or another and so I am receiving those email until today. Sometimes I post an update about my life but other then that remain silent. It’s mostly still the same people like back then – perhaps it’s just not really possible to join a more then ten years old support group.

However yesterday morning I read a pretty desperate email by a long-term member whose life was giving her quite a lot of shit at the moment. Knowing that the group in general had been rather silent lately I decided to give it a try and write her an email in answer, so at least she would know somebody was emphasizing and wishing her the best. As it happened in the last paragraph she, who has always been a person finding strength in her believe in god, also mentioned how she was losing her faith after all, feeling left alone by god. Where was he when all that shit happened after all?

So there was I, a Pagan for nearly a decade, trying to comfort a religious Christian woman. I could, for sure, just have skipped the paragraph, leaving it to somebody else to answer. But in a daring moment I decided not to. Instead I decided to write to her about god, for I felt it was important to her.

In the end I wrote a few lines how I, as a Pagan, could emphasize, had known the feeling in my own life. I wasn’t sure how she, as a Christian, would react to my confession of being Pagan, but doing all that talking and writing about coming out of the broom closet lately, I was ready to give it a try. So I wrote to her about how it felt from my Pagan perspective and how I thought believe, any kind of, was a treasure, especially in difficult times and I asked her not to give up on it but instead find a way of believing there was a reason behind it and that, one day, it somehow would be worth it – even if it was hard to trust in it at the moment.

This morning I got an answer to my email. She thanked me like a thousand times for answering and told me how much it had meant to her, afterward commented on some things I had written, some suggestions I had made, and finally came to my paragraph about god and faith. For sure she, too, could have ducked out of the situation ignoring it or commenting about how I, as a Pagan, was unfit to tell her about the Christian god. But she did neither. Instead she wrote how those lines had sent her crying. How much she thanked me for those words and how good they had done to her. I too was on the edge of crying. Not only was I feeling so grateful that I had been able to give support to somebody in need, but also did I have that mighty feeling of a special moment. Two email had, somehow, built a bridge without words across a torrential river that has the potential of whole dividing worlds.

It’s after all those small, magic moments that can make a difference.

Blessed Be




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