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Hello everyone,

just a short notice as I have to work: After Sarah just recently informed me the student protests started in Vienna some weeks ago had also spread to German universities and a switzerland friend notified Basel university had also been occupied due to the obvious lack in quality of academic teaching there, it’s no official:

University protests spread over Europe

the Austrian public news network titled this morning:

Reaching out from Austria in the meantime in nearly 20 German universities rooms are occupied. In Munich 250 students of the Ludwig-Maximilian University keep the Audimax occupied, in Switzerland auditoriums of Basel University are occupied. (source)

And still, now getting close to four weeks of protests, Austrian students – which have meanwhile teamed up with the steelworker’s union and other noteworthy Austrian associations – are as active as on day one with auditoriums still being held occupied and protests all over Austria’s major cities and universities being joined by the most unlikely supporters. As a matter of fact students in Germany and Switzerland are known to be in close contact with Austrian students.

Only here in Germany there’s surprisingly little about it in the media, whilst Austrian media – all the way from ORF, via der Standard to Kronenzeitung – have been very supportive of or at least covering (Kronenzeitung) the protest. As weird as it seems it might be exactly this media coverage that has given the protests the fuel to go on as long as this and spread as far as they did. And if you’d ask me they can’t spread far enough!

with very warm regards and blessings to the protesting students in all three countries



P.S.: Did I mention I feel a little proud for being Austrian today?

P.P.S.: And before I forget: the position of Minister of Science is still open in Austria …


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