Still, salam and Islam have a common root.

Shabbat Shalom,

So often I have been confronted with the ugly side of Islam. In fact I studied Islam – and Arabic, though I never mastered it beyond the very basics – during my first Germany stay and in many ways I was fascinated by its ideas. But then, since I went to Israel, it has sometimes been hard to keep track of this beauty and poetry my younger self had found beyond Islam and its believers. However I kept telling myself that it’s always the radicals you get to see. It’s the same with Paganism, anyhow. I kept telling myself that behind all these know-it-all-converts and hardly-having-anything-in-common-with-Islam terrorists, behind “muslims” hiding their weapons in schools and mosques, behind all these people who seem to choose death over life there still is the beauty I’d come across earlier. Those people had just, like many moderate pagans, taken cover from the over proportional influence of hardliners.

And then, of course, I have that flirt with hijabs – they fascinate me utterly. I know they’re not supposed to be, but I think they’re unbelievably beautiful. And even more beautiful are those women underneath them that had the unimaginable strength to choose hijab in a society as focused on the surface as ours. I have to admit I’m one of those women that could be caught staring at hijabs in the street and I hope the women affected don’t feel all too bad for it – I just can’t help it. Sometimes I’d love to just walk over and ask them how they heck they made that miracle on their heads happen. I’ve stood in front of the mirror once with a decent piece of a scarf and a hand full of pins. But no matter what I did it all fell down again once I’d shaken my head.

However this goes off topic here. What I was going on about is how difficult it sometimes is to keep believing there is the “real thing” behind the ugly face of Islam. Today I found this and between the words and lines there was that beauty again. It is alive:

What i say in my weblog, that’s all i learnt from islam and other religions. I researched so much in religions and i believe all religions have ONE spirit. If i love Islam, bcs i found it more complete than others, and if some akhounds are too severe or extremist, it is their ego that rules them.
You know human can be very selfish. when he learns something, he thinks he is little God and can make his edicts. That’s why he falls people in hate. Anyway i just can hope for better world, and i know there are better days in the future..



Yeah*nodnod*all of religions have the some spirits,it’s just humans that make them look different with each other :/…


There’s just nothing to add …





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