… and give me the Strenght to Face what I cannot Change …

Merry Meet everybody,

why, I wonder, do people react so differently to being in a desperate situation? Why do some give up themselves and hide where no light can ever possibly reach them, thus preventing any change from happening? And why do others summon that incredible strength and keep on fighting when they would have every moral right to just give up and fall apart?

And why do some find so much strength and reason when helping others that are sharing their fate of being in the midst of all problems, whilst others grow embittered and declare that as long as they can’t care for themselves they don’t give a shit about “some others”? Would it possibly help if they could just be brought to give helping a chance of helping them changing their gray days and giving them back self-esteem and reason?

Many Pagans believe that in fact even those things, that seem to be bad luck have been ultimately triggered by the “victim”- involuntarily of course.  Somehow, when I see people reacting that different I feel I see the very proof right in front of my eyes. The proof because there are so many people out there desperately avoiding any help. People that have become so used to unhappiness, that they have woven it into their very personality and that, as soon as there is  a serious chance of improvement, find a way to duck out of it or destroy it – without as much as being aware of it. People that constantly turn down those that want to help. They just can’t see anymore that, even for what destroyed their life to begin with, was not their fault, they still have to welcome amelioration or it will never happen. Perhaps they thing that because they were failed in the beginning a debt had to be repaid by the universe before they opened up to it. Of course the universe isn’t apologizing that openly. It does through tiny hints of faith easily to be missed.

The Pagan philosophy – or at least my personal set of it – tells me to let them go. To accept their choice of not accepting the possibility of betterment and patiently wait for the time when they will seriously be ready for change. It’s a little bit like with dealing with addicts, where first of all clients have to accept they do have a problem or they can’t be helped. But how do you not help when the person affected is a friend of yours? How do you accept the fact that they might never reach the point to accept their problem?

So called magic supplies you with quite a bunch of tools but at the same point teaches you that their use, that power doesn’t always help. That sometimes all you can do is that small hint, that push in the right direction, and hope that it will be enough





  1. I made the same experiance with some of my friends and that those, who don’t want to be helped, always try to be the ones to knowing everything and trying to tell you what to do.
    My situation at the moment is not the best too, not to say the worst situation ever, but I’ll always keep my optimism that the situation will change again, in contrary to the opinions of my friends. I learned to ignore such comments, because they often want to hide there own incompetence with good intentions or, lets say, pesimisic views.
    Poor people, we’ll see who is going to stand last and who will say: “I regret my decision”.

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