Miraculously Surviving

Shalom there,

I realized I haven’t been properly blogging anything Israel-related lately. Also it seems the Expat-Israelis featuring some of my favorite blogs – Ruth and Lila, most of all – have also decreased in their blogging activity and, at the same time retreated to more personal matters. When I started this blog some two years ago every slight chance in diplomatic climate, every sentence said by an Israeli or foreign politician had been torn into pieces by me and my fellow “pen warriors” (as one Israeli friend named us). It was great to read those blogs and great to write about what was going on. Perhaps it was, after all, our way to deal with the fear and the dormant hope for a change and sustainable peace, finally. Is it gone now? Have my stay in Israel and the Intifada been that long that we have lost our motivation to write?

Fact is that the unbearable situation in Israel is everything but resolved. We have not forgotten the Gaza war and, for sure, none of us has forgotten about the nuclear threat of Iran. I mean, man, even IAEA has meanwhile waken up to the fact that the Persians are plotting something – which basically means little more than that meanwhile Iran’s ambitions for a veritable genocide have become so obvious even United Nations don’t dare look the opposite direction anymore. And of course the usual hullabaloo is going on with foreign diplomats traveling the region babbling about peace and stuff.

However in the end, if you look at the big picture little has changed. It is still the same mess. The players might have changed – at least outside Israel, where political power has circulated between a rather small group of (male, askhenazi) politicians ever since – and the battlefields might have changed, generations might have changed too and with them quite a lot of details and hopes, but in the end Israel is still in danger. Israel is still in danger of existence and the peoples labeled “Palestinian” is still left alone by those who have pushed it into exile and chaos and suffering.

Perhaps in a way we have despaired. I sometimes feel I did. I sometimes find myself thinking how it will be just like this in the future anyhow. How players and battlefields will keep changing. How wars will keep coming and going. How even if what we write moves some people, perhaps changes some people, in the end it won’t make a difference. Perhaps, one day, Gilad Shalit will be released just like, one day, terrorist attacks stopped destroying everyday life (for whatever reason) and, one day, the Gaza War was over. There will be victories – and there will be setbacks, wars, attacks, deaths. In the end, for sixty years now Israel has, miraculously, survived. Its easy to find ones thoughts wandering that direction in what seems to be safe, far away Europe.

Can we, if after some years, motivation leaves us, trust in a new Generation to take over? Can it really be enough to hand over the scepter to that new Generation – given there is one – and say “we have done our share!”. Hasn’t that been the way it is for sixty, perhaps even thousands of years now? We can’t change things if we keep doing what our ancestors did!




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