I guess there’s hardly anybody out there reading the news who’s not aware of the recent clash between “Free Gaza” peace-activists and IDF troops. Since I don’t know in what way the media reports in other countries – I’m following mainly Austrian news channels and newspapers, which over the last years I’ve found to be covering both sides – I’d like to supply you with a couple of facts that might be amiss in anti-Israeli focused news sources:

  • The IDF troops that entered the Marmara and her sister ships of the “Free  Gaza”-flotilla clearly did not expect to be met by armed, violent activists – else they would have hardly have gone aboard one-by-one. What happened after they did so (on board the Marmara only, yet not aboard the other ships where the activists indeed did behave in a peaceful way) doesn’t need to be explained any further as it can easily been seen in the video below.

  • The blockade of the Gaza Strip is not about triggering a humanitarian crisis. In fact I know a number of fellow bloggers who, over the last year, have supplied some material heavily questioning the existence of any “humanitarian crisis” of the extent claimed in Gaza. I can’t comment on this claim as I have only second-hand sources available, but would like you to bear in mind that the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip do get supplies via a hand full of opened boarder crossings. What the blockade is really about it preventing weapons, and nothing but weapons, from being smuggled into Gaza, so to protect Israeli towns and civilians.
  • In fact one Austrian newspaper stated the Israeli authorities had offered to deliver the “Free Gaza”-flotilla’s aid goods – after checking for weapons – via Israel and its boarder crossings to Gaza, which has been denied by the activists.
  • Those imprisoned activists aren’t to be kept prisoners. All Israel wants them to do is to agree with their extradition and they’ll be driven all the way to Ben Gurion Airport by Israeli authorities and will be on their way home by tonight.





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