What people are looking for

So there are some pros of owning a pretty old blog – 2,5 years are forever in blogging, I think – which include still having hits even if someone’s a lazy bum like me and, well, search engine hits. I checked out wordpress’ search engine hit statistics for the blog today and found it pretty curious. Want to take a peak through the keyhole?

adolf hitler 1,081 Guys, don’t you have any other things to look for?
naked men 298 I knew it! Naked men are more interesting than naked women!
naked women 265
adolf 158
naked males 121
naked females 89
hartz iv 58 Something actually worth looking for finally! I’m impressed!
are witches real 48 Yes, they are *evil laugh*
many naked women 25
adolfhitler 21
amstetten austria 20 Hiding girls in the basement, is that all you guys know about Austria? Well, Adolf Hitler probably as well …
naked little girls 19 Wish I could code a nice little computer virus for those fellows … one that makes their dick fall off or stuff …
adolf+hitler 18
libreria 17 I can see you guys like that 🙂
jerusalem old city 16
naked pagans 14 Do naked Pagans look different than naked … uhm … non-Pagans?
are witches real? 12
gottfried helnwein 12
groups of naked women 12
many naked men 12
going to war quotes 11
adolf hittler 11 Spelling is really hard … especially if you skipped history class to go burn that shelter with your gang …
naked jewish women 10
hitler adolf 10
naked men with no clothes on at all 9 Ahm … excuse me … are there naked men with their clothes on!?
being a stranger 8
migdalit 8 OMG, they know about me! Waaaaah!
men naked 8
sheva naked 8
russian pagan neo nazi 8
lechol ish yesh shem 7
amstetten austria news 7
naked women in africa 7
islamic fashion show 7
hijab fashion 7
many naked 7 Who cares about sexes … as long as there are many.
amstetten, austria 7
austria 7
helnwein 7
naked guys 6
murderer israel 6 … of course …
naked women slaves 6
hartz 4 germany 6
naked women groups 6
nakey men with no clothes on at all 6
non muslim hijabi 6
farahnaz ghandforoush 6
paganism 6
funny adolf hitler 6
pagan love quotes 6

Really interesting what people are looking for after all … and sad 😦



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