“… we lose the best and hail the rest …”

This song is one of a CD I used to listen to on my way to work when I lived in Israel. I really like the whole album and a lot of the songs remember me of Israel and somehow blend into my experience, but this one is special.

The weather is dark and rainy
And I have lost my path.
There is no light, no hope, no time
In that cruelness of the dark.
Oh God why I can’t find you?
Why can’t you here my words?
Can you see me fighting in this fields,
for causes I don’t know?

Oh my gallant love where have you gone?
I miss your gentle touch.
Our children grow fine and strong
They’re missing you so much
If the harvest rain falls on our home ,
the days grow fairly long.
But the horizon stays without you
from dusk until dawn

Oh dear, last night I lost a friend
He went into the fire
perhaps he’ll reaches a better place,
Perhaps we’ll meet again.
I wonder how the children are
I miss their softly smiles.
Sometimes I dream of the harvest rain
But the battle still goes on.

Yesterday I saw a picture
of the minister of war
in his lily white shirt and tie he asked
for more young blood by law.
And they got our oldest son
and he went your way
and the minister in the news did say
for freedom there’s a price to pay


And the autumn has come
and the wind is waving the corn
as she got a machine letter
“For our freedom they did fall”
And she asks herself “What freedom takes a mother’s son?’
So we lose the best and hail the rest and the harvest rain does fall

I’ll probably just leave it to the music and the lyrics to explain why …

What’s curious about it is that Dies Natalis, the band, is a German Neofolk band that, like probably every Neofolk band, is considered on the far right side of the political scale. At least that’s what people in Germany say. As a matter of fact it hasn’t happened only once that Dies Natalis were made to cancel concerts because of fear of their “Nazi” audience.

I wonder why neither German authorities nor those certain parts of their audience ever take the time to really listen to the lyrics …




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