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Ahlan everybody,

this morning my long-standing friend Aracuron dragged out one of my old posts from 2010. In this context I also may want to link to my latest article from my active (Pagan themed) blog on freedom of speech that Aracuron too was referring to in his post. Really I probably could have posted it here instead of over there content wise. At times it feels almost schizophrenic to be dealing with two different blogs – which is probably why for simplicity’s sake I leave even the more political content over at Migdalit Or these days.

In the aftermath the usual conversation just had to start: why aren’t you blogging in that other blog any more? It has been almost a year after all and that’s your normal blogging interval in that one after all he teased me.

So why don’t I?

It’s not that Israel, my time there and the people I had to leave behind aren’t dear to me any more. Certainly not. I still visit there any chance I get (which is way too rarely for my taste) and though I may not count Quassamim and Katjushas any more I still do keep an eye out on the news. I also still have much of the same discussions with people around me as I have been having for the last half decade; I am still hearing much of the same old song about evil, occupying and human rights violating Jews that really ought to have learnt from their own history but didn’t. While I am sick and tired of these conversations it turns out the rest of the world isn’t. “The Conflict” (TM) still is the same kind of global circus maximus it used to be five and even fifty years ago.

Luckily as of today buses still haven’t gone back to blowing up on Sheinkin road on a daily basis. Whether that is because nobody tries any more or because security now has a more tight lock on it I will leave to the experts – and self-declared experts – to decide. For the time being it means that, besides from the regular rocket scares that seem to happen on an almost predetermined interval much like the holidays come and go, people in Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel have their lifes mostly back. The novelty of going to the beach and gathering in crowds larger than three has now worn off and in many ways Tel Aviv is becoming a lot more like other Mediterranean metropoles with much of the same kind of problems. I sometimes wonder whether, if I went there today rather than 2007 it would change me as much as it did; I still thoroughly enjoy Tel Aviv as a place that seems to bring out the best in me but it is not quite the same any more.

So really I gather I don’t write more than I do on this blog because not much is changed since 2007. Truth be told I could probably dig up some of my posts from five years ago and just change a few names before re-posting and most readers would never be the wiser. I may as well just leave the blog as is as an archive for anyone interested to look up the same old information, help yourself to the search field if you are looking for something in specific.

What I have done today, though, is found a new theme. I really couldn’t bear the old one any more so I hope you don’t mind. I am also going to go through the blog roll and weed inactive links. I know it frustrates the crap out of myself if other pages have more dead than active links.

To celebrate the occasion I have gone through my other blog and found you links to some of the somewhat Israel-relating articles. Bear in mind, though, that the other blog mostly is a Pagan one so these are somewhat of a different style.
If Aracuron keeps being his usual pain in the neck I may even think of cross-posting anything relevant in the future 😉

explaining to the uninitiated why I keep babbling about Israel sometimes

Now, After
about PTSD albeit mostly in the American context. Includes a very good video.

on Warrior Paganism
some of this is inspired by my time in Israel and the time immediately after, also some Israel anecdotes mentioned

mostly general definitions but, again, some Israel anecdotes mixed in

Yana, a Syrian Pagan that got caught up in the civil war in March 2013 caused quite a stir in the Pagan community. It sometimes are single people getting caught up in a picture too big to understand that make us appreciate the human dimension.

honouring the wonderful lady I lived with in Tel Aviv. She has passed away in the meantime but I will never forget her.

So, yep, that’s it for this year, I guess. I have a story from my last visit in the back of my head that I may or may not come back to tell some of these days.

Otherwise … enjoy the blog archives.



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