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I stole a face off A Soldier’s Mother for you. It’s none of the faces of Israeli soldiers killed that have been published by the Jerusalem Post. This one is, as far as I know as I write this, very much alive.

Col. Rasan Alian

Col. Rasan Alian

The reason why I brought his image here is because it reminds me of something I want to tell you about Israel. Something most people don’t know.

There are not only Jews in Israel. And there aren’t only Jews, Christians and Arabs either. A hand full of minority groups have been living in these lands for the-gods-know-how-long. Rasan Alian, for instance, is a member of the Druze community. Other groups are, for instance the Baha’i and Negev Bedouins. And really, all of them seem to be reasonably happy living in the modern state of Israel. Probably the Apartheid regime isn’t that bad after all …

Especially the Druze have quite a reputation in Israel. They are said to be the most loyal and fierce of all fighters and they are also very politically active. Col. Alian’s story as told by Paula Stern is but the latest example.
I have been told on many occasions that this is because Israel is the one place in the Middle East where the Druze can live their faith and culture freely and without fear of prosecution. And they are quite willing to risk their life fighting for the survival of the one nation that guarantees their freedom and safety. In all other lands where Druze are living, I was told, they have been subjected to one attempted genocide after the other.

The Druze are the major non-Jewish residents of the Golan heights. The original residents, one could argue. I wonder whether, in a truly democratic society that believes in the individual’s right to decide about their own fate, we should just let them decide what country they want to belong to. Wouldn’t that be an easy and democratic solution to the whole issue? But of course what may be just and truly democratic will never be attempted nor accepted in Israel’s disputed territory. The Gods forbid there may be an end to the conflict. Where else would all the warmongers and corrupt politicians turn to mask their own dirty laundry?

– Migdalit


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  1. Since when do we (and I mean all of us, the whole human kind) live in a real democracy?
    As you know ne, I am not much into conspuracy theories, but since I am going more & more into an ecological lifestyle, I see more of the following:
    Politicians mostly are corrupt in one way or the other and what weighs even more, they are mere puppets for powers behind them. I am not talking about sone unknown grey eminence in the background or ‘the Rothschilds’ or other stereotypes, but about companies, world spanning companies, which only have one goal: MONEY
    Regardless of how they will achieve it, regardless of how many human lives will be spilled in the wake of getting their money, wins, bonuses etc.
    Somehow I came to believe it was never about religions, colour, race or other differences. It was, is and will be ONLY about MONEY- as long as we will be willingly go along with them.
    That is one more thing and thought, why I am trying to change my lifestyle. To become more independent from those companies. And yes it sometimes feels like going against windmills.
    But as you stated correctly in another post about self responsibility, I am taking it and I am doing my best to do the best for myself, my family and my environment in small steps and with small things I am capable of.
    I believe if each individual would want to and did the same, then a real change towards real democracy would be possible.
    Maybe it is time to take that responsibility, maybe it is time to go voting, not at a ballot- box, but where it really counts: at the cashout of our shopping (addicted society) malls.
    Shop local, shop ecological, recycle and reuse!

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