I started this blog in 2007 when I was in my early 20ies after I came back to my native Middle Europe from living in Tel Aviv, Israel. When I first took up writing it was mainly as a way of sharing my perspective of the Conflict and the loveable madness of life in Israel in general. It later turned more and more into an outlet for my frustration about life in post-GFC Germany until I stopped blogging on a regular basis in 2010.

As the blog title somewhat gives away I am not Jewish but a Catholic raised (European) Pagan. I had no relationship worth speaking of to Israel before pure coincidence brought me there but although I have meanwhile moved continents  twice I am still in love with what I like to refer to as the “quite likely most messed up place in the world”; I am known to declare that I am “done with Israel this time” every other year or so but something always keeps bringing me back.

Whilst the blog is fairly rarely added to these days I am still maintaining comments and am posting every once in a while. Feel free to browse the archives and leave any questions and comments you may have.



  1. Hello, Migdalit,

    I love the design of your blog. It is very elegant.

    By the way, I shall be going to Tel Aviv on 1 January and staying until the 8th.

    Any suggestions as to “not-to-be-missed” activities or events during a week’s stay? Anything nearby that I should visit via bus, train, or taxi? What about access to the West Bank?

    I am “not” Jewish, given that the Jewish heritage in my background derives from my father via his grandfather who was born in the Hamburg, Germany area, I believe, after the family’s migration from what is now Poland. However, maybe he was born before the migration.

    I am interested in the history of the Jewish immigration to Palestine prior to statehood and all of the extraordinary chaos and confusion that has reigned ever since.

    Kindest Regards,


  2. Shalom there Migdalit!

    Your blog offers a very unique perspective and im glad I ran into it!
    I’ll keep looking in.

    Dan, from central Israel =)

  3. Your blog really inspires me! I’m a Magna Greaca polytheist, who is learning hebrew while working with Israeli’s in the kiosks. I want to go to Israel either this summer or next to explore. Where do you recommend going?

    1. Hard question. There are so many beautiful places and much of it (Jerusalem or Tel Aviv for instance) really comes down to personal preference.

      Personally I would say go to Tel Aviv to “land “, then pick either the south or north depending on whether you like the desert or the green. I used to love the north (especially the Golan Heights) but have recently spent some time in the Negev and loved it.
      Try to include a stay in a kibbutz or moshaf (many have guest houses or “Zimmers”).

      There is archaeology all over the place. I remember Megiddo being great – and of course Masada down south.
      Also include some nature. Down south there is Ramon Crater, the Dead Sea Valley, the southern Arava, … The list goes on endlessly. In the north the list is probably even longer. I loved Rosh haNikra, Nimrod and the area around the Sea of Galilee.

      And then there are the old cities. Zfat, Yafo, Jerusalem, Tiberias – just to name a few. Prepare for arts&crafts overload in places like Zfat and Yafo.

      I could go on forever but I think that gives you a point to start from.

      Enjoy your travels!

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