Here’s the Thing about Democracy

Hello everybody,

One of modern history’s most famous enfant terribles, Winston Churchill is quoted:

“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

– Winston Churchill

Or is it? I, as most European kids my generation, was raised in blind belief in democracy. Really, in retrospect it was some kind of a religion. A religion where there was only one dogma, and who ever would question it would be an outcast. A individual considered utterly insentient a waste of time to discussed with. Questioning democracy was unquestionable. And so it was to me, in a way, loving democracy and blindly defending it whenever possible was kind bred into me.

“Democracy is itself, a religious faith. For some it comes close to being the only formal religion they have.”

– E. B. White

Of course for a pretty good reason given what had happened in my country a mere half century ago. Democracy, I was made to understand, is a beautiful gift one has to cherish and take care of, for loosing it was the worst that could possibly happen and, certainly, the end to all freedom. Well, actually, the end to all the life I was used to.

Then came 9/11 and afterwards came the Patriot Act and alike bills all over the world. With it came the end of many privileges of democratic societiesand a widespread questioning of the extend to which “democratic” nations could still be considered democratic. The US for instance, where apparently elections were stolen from the elected president in order to bring another man to power. Where people were denied basic civil rights because of a crime they were merely suspected of or, even worse, just because of their skin colour or an interest group they belonged to. It came a time where zillions of people all over the world rallied for peacehowever remained unheard by their elected democratic leaders. Unthinkable things have happened during those last years and they have happened in front of all of our eyes. However for one reason or another suddenly no knight in shiny armour could be found to stand up for our all-holied democracy.

Whilst everybody who knows a little about education of children, knows that being a good rule model is the most important thing to do. Every parent knows he cannot make his kid obey rules he is seen ignoring. However no democratic leader I have seen doing the “free elections”-rally to Backwardistan your random challenged country lately could be bothered to be a good example of living democracy in his own nation. Let’s face it: People in the western world just don’t give a shit about democracy any longer. They don’t attend elections. They don’t engage in democracy or government (either because they can’t be bothered to or because their “elected” leaders can’t be bothered to). Yet all of this doesn’t prevent any of us for a split second of going of to every given “non-democratic” nation and praising democracy as if it alone was the guarantee for any given utopia you could imagine.

Might it be that it is a little daring to claim so wholeheartedly democracy was the only acceptable form of governmentfor all of the world’s nations regardless their culture? I mean … if we really do belief in democracy, why can’t we vote against it? And why don’t we grant that very right to every other given people? The only thing the 20th century’s global raid for democracy has produced, is a number of pseudo-democracies, where there are elections held with a known outcome. Where the party of possible leaders is so limited due to socialisation, ethnic structures etc. that it just doesn’t make any differencewho’s elected in the end. Is this really better for people then living with the way of government they had beforeand had possibly had working for millenia?

“The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within.”

– M.K. Ghandi

For quite a bunch of countries democracy really seems to work pretty well. Or let’s say it provides the people with exactly that government they deserve. But where different ethnic or religious groups with different objectives and philosophies can be found sharing one nation it gets difficult. Then democracy is turned into as abstruse sets of rules as for who has to be represented in parliament through whom as can be seen in Lebanon. Positive discrimination still is discrimination, guys.

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

– Th. Jefferson

Perhaps this is one of the biggest issues of modern democracy: It works well for majorities, but if you’re a minority you’re screwed. Whilst there’s all that talk about democracy guaranteeing everybody’s freedom I just don’t get it where freedom is when, as a member of a minority group, I have to step back from my rights, my way of living, because the majority group has another philosophy towards it. Just think about this: If the whole world was really democratic as a single meta-nation we would be governed by Chinesefor Chinese are the most numerous and could elect their government as world government. Is that really desirable? Do you want your country to end up like Tibet just because its smaller then China?

Even if people don’t like it: Tending for democracy, freedom, all of that parcel we call “western” means questioning it. Looking for points of friction, for issues we have to care for. In a way those challenging democracy most are, in the end, its most important supporters.




Exposing the World Zionist Conspiracy (TM) – and not a word at B&H


There have been some guys from the “other side” I have enjoyed discussing with via our blogs during the last couple of months though I have to admit that sometimes they make me feel I want to send my head versus the desk. Especially when I had a look at ATW‘s blogroll and discovered this nice fellow, who has an issue he is 100% certain about and he needs to share. No problem with people that feel certain about what they believe in – for the most part I wish people had more of that certainity – yet if that issue includes the non-existance of the Shoah [a.k.a. Holocaust] it makes me wanna do pretty ugly things.

As for the argumentation that one proof for the Shoah being a Hoax is that nobody was allowed to research it, I can see why individual people might wanna read more about it then they are told in school (school education about the Shoah and genocide in General are a topic of its own by the by). And I can see that it might be beneficial if students, and those wanting to research it were encouraged to find proof for themselves, instead of being spoon-fed with pre-chewed information. And I do agree that it is those things we are most certain about, that need to be double-checked; if there is one answer that drives me mad it is “because it is like that”. So yes, I believe whoever seriously wants to research the Shoah should do it and whoever wants to read Mein Kampf [My Struggle] by Adolf Hitler by himself should be allowed to as owning the book is still prohibited in Austria and Germany. A lot of things have gone wrong with the way education on the Shoah is passed on in Austria and Germany. Even worse things have been done with the Shoah by single individuals abusing it in a perverse way and of course they add fuel to the flames hatched by people like Michael Delaney or Willie Martin.

Anyway as I don’t intend to contribute to those individuals paranoia of the Jewish World Conspiracy I can assure you, dear Michael, that I know about the Shoah not from class but from talking to actual survivors. And to quite a lot of them too. I have contributed to a project – actually just stumbled into it other then ever planning on doing so – that commemorated some survivors’ journey from Eastern Europe via Austria and Italy to Israel [that-time British Mandate Palestine]. We didn’t talk about the Shoah on purpose but if you ask a bunch of elderly people what happened afterwards you get to touch the topic pretty soon. And I have met survivors of the Shoah as my neighbours when living in Israel. So as long as you don’t suggest a couple of thousand people, of whom a lot are now old enough to be senile, have been made to tell lies all their lives long, I really can’t follow your argumentation especially as you seem to be a smart and educated man in general.

Yet I have seen worse then Delaney / Martin’s argumentation. I remember some years ago stumbling over a neo nazi’s research claiming one couldn’t murder people by means of Cyclon B gas for with the quantity of people and the size of the building given in Death Camps people would have suffocated before Cyclon B would have caused death. Therefore the Death Camps, that fellow stated, had to be a hoax.

Delaney however seems to be a wanted man within the US American neo nazi community. I have found his name everywhere but on Blood and Honour, which actually puzzles me a bit; why wouldn’t they quote him after he has spent so much time collecting stories for his “[Exposition] of the Zionist Agenda of World Dominition”?

Have you seen his newest post by the by? I have to confess I nearly cracked upwhen reading it. Yes, I know one’s not supposed to laugh about people like Delaney for they are dangerous if people belief them yet how can I help it? Those wanting to belief him will do so anyway, I can’t change their mind if I cry so why don’t at least have you body flooded by oxygen and a bit of serotonin caused by a great laugh? And then when have I ever given a damn about what I am supposed to do or not to do:

Shocking Israeli Plot To Assassinate Obama Foiled In US

(unknown source and unconfirmed but I certainly think there might be something to this)

FSB reports to Prime Minister Putin circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that an Israeli based plot to assassinate the United States Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has been foiled due to information relayed to American Intelligence Officials from Russian Military Forces who are still decrypting secret documents captured in Georgia from retreating Georgian special forces troops trained in Israel.


According to Western propaganda media reports on this plot we learn that a Neo-Nazi ‘outlaw biker gang’ called Sons of Silence were intended to be the patsies blamed for the assassination of Obama, even to the point of their ‘leader’, and who attempted to jump to his death prior to being captured, being named Shawn Adolf, in a not-so-transparent effort to better reinforce the American public perceptions of whom to blame for this killing. (source)

If Delaney’s “World Zionist Conspiray” is taking place every single Jew must be very, very busy secretly organizing all of this stufffrom the Georgia War to Obama’s attempted assassination. Well, maybe this is why my Israeli friends sometimes take weeks to answer my mail: They are busy planning world domination! I got it!



“New Eurasia” – Vladimir vs. George (Dec. 10th, 2007)

posted on Yahoo 10 December 2007

Hi everybody,

I Found this today from an internet-forum I’m reading and writing in.

I don’t know how about you guys but I feel sick reading that. Anyhow I posted it in here because I consider it a nice example for reawaking Russian imperialistic views, that can be seen all over the place nowadays.

A non-unipolar world: Yes, please. But I’d rather go for a sphere of interest-groups and regional unions such as European Union and African Union gaining self-consciousness, then for RUSSIA heading the “second block” again. That’s no more no less then Cold War 2.0 😦

Weake up, boys, the world’s not just a giant sand-pitch for Vladimir and George! Up until now it also happens to be the only planet we can live on. And that blue gemstone already has got enough problems to get everybody living there killed twice or trice without Vladimir and George playing “world domination”!

a great week to all of you